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Consigned to September Legends Longhorn and Futurity Sale. OVC’d and Johne’s tested negative. Top Starlet is one of our largest horned females in our program measuring 95.625" TTT with 113.75" TH putting her in the top 25 of largest TH cows in the breed. Her sire was a Legend in the 2020 Legends Sale and her dam is a Legend in 2021. We have her bred to Jammin Tex for a fall calf. Jammin Tex measured 84.75" TTT at just past 5 years old. He is a son of WS Jamakizm out of Texana Garland Gal 95” TTT. The calf in her belly will have 5 legends in its pedigree. A true opportunity to elevate your program. For more information on full pedigree, progeny, breeding updates and current measurements, go to Millennium Futurity Eligible
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Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Tip to Tip97.500002/08/2023  
Tip to Tip97.750010/23/2022  
Tip to Tip96.750002/28/2022  
Right Base13.750008/24/2021whole base 
Tip to Tip96.500008/24/2021  
Total Horn112.500008/24/2021  
Right Base13.625004/13/2021whole base 
Tip to Tip95.625004/13/2021  
Total Horn113.750004/13/2021  
Tip to Tip95.500003/25/2021  
Tip to Tip94.750010/08/2020  
Tip to Tip93.000004/08/2020  
Tip to Tip92.500001/07/2020  
Tip to Tip92.250010/16/2019  
Tip to Tip90.750005/30/2019  
Tip to Tip90.250004/09/2019  
Tip to Tip89.750002/14/2019  
Tip to Tip89.000010/09/2018  
Base13.000009/29/2018Right BaseHorn Showcase 2018
Base13.250009/29/2018Left BaseHorn showcase 2018
Composite218.000009/29/2018 Horn Showcase 2018
Tip to Tip88.750009/29/2018 Horn Showcase 2018
Total Horn103.000009/29/2018 Horn Showcase 2018
Tip to Tip88.000007/24/2018  
Tip to Tip86.000004/19/2018  
Tip to Tip85.000001/24/2018  
Tip to Tip83.875010/14/2017 2017 Longhorn Extravaganza - Sat Location
Total Horn98.000010/14/2017 2017 Longhorn Extravaganza - Sat Location
Composite205.062509/29/2017 2017 Horn Showcase Satellite
Tip to Tip83.500009/29/20171st place in class 22 at HSC2017 Horn Showcase Satellite
Total Horn95.500009/29/2017 2017 Horn Showcase Satellite
Tip to Tip78.500003/15/2017  
Tip to Tip70.875006/20/2016  
Tip to Tip62.500012/14/2015