Featuring Premier Texas Longhorns For Sale

Herd Sires

The bulls that we are using are recognized as the top breeding bulls in the industry, with the outstanding heritage of Roundup, Hunts Command Respect, and Maximus ST. Some of our herd sire prospects are AI or ET sons of JP Rio Grande or MC Super Rex and are showing extreme potential. These individual herd sires have were chosen to compliment our Foundation Cows. Although several of our bulls are related they have different characteristics that will enhance any breeding program.

Foundation Cows

Our Foundation Cows possess a diverse set of genetics Our “A” team consists of a heavy Butler blend with other lines going back to Phenomenon and Gunman. You can definitely say that we have Doherty 698 in our herd. We are striving for a Foundation Herd that presents the total package – size, color, conformation, disposition and, of course, horn!

Heifers and Calves

We are very excited about our up and coming females. They posses an abundance of every great quality that you could ask for in a heifer. With the strong parental base, these young ladies will continue to develop into outstanding Foundation cows for us or another premier Longhorn breeder. Watch our herd development…we keep raising the bar each year!