RJF Magic Maiden - Tag 004

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Richard & Jeanne Filip
Richard & Jeanne Filip
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RJF Magic Maiden- Hard to believe we are selling this young female. She measured 70" TTT, 5 months shy of turning 3 years old. Her color pops! Her sire is a son of Hubbell's 20 Gauge and out of the $50K+ KCCI Outback Fancy. who is in her 90's TTT. On the bottom side, her dam is a multi-HSC Champion and on track to hit 90" TTT in her 5th year. Her dam is a daughter of JBR Net Worth who will have sire many 90" TTT daughters in our herd. This family has been very consistent with our program. We have her bred to RJF Texas Rebel for a calf for a spring 2023 calf. Headed to Hudson Valentine Ft. Worth Stockyards sale in May 2023.
RJF Magic Maiden - Tag 004
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Right Base12.250005/08/2023  
Tip to Tip76.250005/08/2023  
Total Horn87.250005/08/2023  
Tip to Tip76.000004/21/2023  
Tip to Tip70.000008/23/2022  
Tip to Tip62.625004/11/2022  
Tip to Tip60.750003/02/2022last a few inches off of one tip last week 
Total Horn67.250003/02/2022  
Right Base12.750011/22/2021  
Tip to Tip59.750011/22/2021  
Total Horn65.000011/22/2021  
Tip to Tip58.625011/06/20212021 HSCFayetteville
Right Base12.750010/05/2021whole base 
Tip to Tip56.500010/05/2021  
Total Horn60.000010/05/2021  
Right Base12.000008/09/2021whole base 
Tip to Tip51.750008/09/2021  
Total Horn57.000008/09/2021  
Right Base11.250006/18/2021whole base 
Tip to Tip47.125006/18/2021  
Total Horn51.000006/18/2021  
Right Base10.750003/23/2021whole base 
Tip to Tip38.000003/23/2021  
Total Horn40.250003/23/2021  
Right Base9.000012/29/2020whole base 
Tip to Tip30.125012/29/2020  
Total Horn31.875012/29/2020  
Right Base8.250010/22/2020Whole base 
Tip to Tip24.500010/22/2020  
Total Horn26.250010/22/2020  
Right Base6.500007/27/2020whole base 
Tip to Tip17.000007/27/2020  
Total Horn18.500007/27/2020